How to Find More Commercial Real Estate Landlords as Clients

There are plenty of things you can do to help landlords locally with their commercial property pressures and changes.  Look at your services and build a ‘bundle’ of solutions that can be used in improving investment alternatives and property outcomes.  The rule is simple when working with landlords, and the marketing process works in generating listing opportunity.

Resolve Landlord Problems

It is a fact that most of the owners of local investment properties want simple and timely resolutions for property problems.  That then is a marketing approach to be refined.  When you look at any asset in a precinct or location, you will usually see common problems that you can help with.

Consider these questions and the answers:

  • How will your investment services improve the outcomes available for a landlord?
  • Are your property services matched into the seasonal cycles of the property market in your city, and how is that working?
  • How do your property services compare to those services that are offered by the brokerage competition in the location?
  • Can you confidently say and show others that you have a ‘dominance’ in the investment property market?
  • What does commercial real estate success look like to a client and how can you help them achieve that?

Create Landlord Attraction

To resolve these questions, I have found that the following approach works quite well:

  1. TARGET LOCATIONS: Know your locations and precincts comprehensively so that you can talk confidently about prices, rents, supply and demand.  Location awareness lets you show the client just how you are important to their property challenge and resolving it in a timely way.
  2. DATABASE COVERAGE: Your list of prospects, buyers, tenants, business owners, and investors should give you plenty of leverage in your real estate services.  It is a known fact that when you talk to lots of local people regularly, you will find leads and changes that can convert to a property listing.  That’s where the database process becomes important.  Conversations every day will allow you to grow database depth and diversity.  Start your list and make sure that you are growing it each day through meaningful conversations.
  3. CENTRE ON BUILDINGS: Some buildings in a location create a lot of interest and or ‘churn’ in tenants and interest; local area marketing will show you where those buildings are.  Understand the better buildings and the better locations; you can then review the tenants in all those zones or properties.
  4. FOCAL POINT ON STREET COVERAGE: Our property ‘game’ can get confusing, and it is very easy to lose focus and do too many things with properties, clients, and prospects.  Just focus your business efforts on street and building awareness.  Soon that logical approach to the properties and assets will help you find the next local listing activity.
  5. HELP WITH THE STRESSES OF RENOVATION AND REFURBISHMENT: The older properties in your location may very well need change and upgrade.  Look for the buildings and provide a group of services for that very purpose.
  6. ACCENT ON LEASE PRESSURES: Some tenants will move on and away from an asset to another location, and vacancies will occur.  Have a forward-looking approach to tenants and leases.  Look for the vacancies before they happen.  Provide your landlords and tenants with a comprehensive and timely leasing solution.

With these things, you can match your specialised property services into the landlords in your location.  The commercial real estate business does not need to be complicated, but it does need to be specific in many respects.  Drill down into your location, the people, and the properties.  Opportunities will be found by those brokers and agents that take this approach to building their business.