A Voice of Confidence in Sales Wins Business

In any sales profession today the resources and tools that we take to a meeting, presentation or a sales pitch are quite simple.  It is up to us to use them to the best of a situation.  We are judged on all of the following:

  • How we appear
  • How we sound
  • What we say
  • The relevance of what we can offer
  • Our knowledge
  • Our experience
  • Our reputation

When you enter a client’s office or work environment you are judged in a ‘visual’ way; it takes about 20 seconds for the client to do this.  If you do not ‘pass the visual test’ any further connection with the client will be a lot harder.  On this basis you have to look and act the part.  The client will have their own ‘visual standards’ that they set for any salesperson that they work with; on that basis your appearance has to be of a ‘generically’ high standard for your industry.  You really do not know what the client expects of you ‘visually’.  In the first instance they need to see you as a ‘professional’ and that is before you say anything!

So let’s presume you can get over the ‘visual’ challenge and pass that test (most people can).  To take matters further your voice and words should be practiced and refined for your products and service.  I know a lot of salespeople do not like ‘role playing’ but the process is of high value when it comes to verbal confidence and negotiation.  You can safely ‘role play’ within your team and with your business partners.  You can merge the challenges of the market currently into your practice sessions.

Another thing you can do personally to boost your voice and word confidence for any sales presentation or meeting is to read a book aloud each morning when you first arise.  Do so for 20 minutes or so; the process helps you develop greater confidence with words and gives you verbal ‘flexibility’.  This system also helps greatly with your cold call prospecting that may be part of your sales process.

If you want to rise up the ranks of your industry and towards the status of a ‘top salesperson’, focus on your verbal confidence in this way.  Some of the greatest orators and speakers of the world are very impressive and they make people listen; watch what they say and how they do it.  Learn some of their skills and develop ‘voice confidence’. 

Practice your voice and your conversational ability for your sales profession.  I go back to the point that the easiest way to do that is in reading a book aloud each morning; it helps ‘program’ the mind and brain for conversational advantage.