John Highman is an International Sales Coach, Conference Speaker, and Author.   He specialises in ‘Client Contact Strategies’ and ‘Growth in Market Share’.

With our ‘Open More Doors’ business building ‘toolbox’ we help sales team create more clients, and opportunity.  Lead Generation, Strategic Sales, and Key Account Management are the foundations of our innovative ‘Open More Doors’ training workshops, online coaching systems, and keynotes.

With John’s programs:

  • You’ll get the ‘good oil’ that really moves things forward in client contact
  • You will know how to build market share faster
  • You’ll get great ideas that work with your people
  • You’ll get it all wrapped in a fast moving package of real life stories, catchy ideas, colorful presentations, active audience participation, and relevant take away material that you can use immediately.

John Highman has over 30 years experience in ‘top line’ business and sales environments in Australia. He understands sales people and the ways they respond to life’s daily challenges. It is this awareness and John’s outstanding presentation and communication skills which make our programs very special. You demand the best and we provide it.

John Highman speaks at Seminars, Conventions, and Conferences internationally. Our topics are entertaining but always results biased. Your targets become our targets.

We author regular ‘Open More Doors’ articles in Magazines and Journals as well as provide unique initiatives for individuals and teams. The results of our programs are seen in our information packed Workshops and Seminars that are ‘leading edge’ but still carrying the principles of quality and practicality.

Contact us at the form on this website to see how we can help you or your sales team with fresh focus and momentum.

If you would like a proposal or quotation for a workshop or keynote program please provide the following information to us:

  • Location of program
  • Topic(s) required
  • Number of attendees
  • Focus points for the program
  • Personal email and telephone contact information for response and discussion

Our programs are typically delivered in any of the following ways:

  • 60 minute keynote
  • Half day workshops
  • Whole day workshops
  • 2 day workshops
  • Webinars
  • Online coaching
  • Online courses
  • Audio
  • Video

Post workshop and keynote programs we provide online followup content and material to strengthen the delivered message.