Action Plans for High Calibre Salespeople

When you are working as a sales professional, sometimes it appears that you are stalled or struggling with your sales or market share.  In most cases when this happens it is because you are not pushing the project forward enough or perhaps it needs adjustment.

Plans can help you, but momentum is really important.  So many people make the plans but struggle with the action; life soon takes over and redirects their focus and efforts.  Inevitably they are achieving little towards their goals. Success in business requires effort on the harder things that others are reluctant to do.  Have you got the drive and focus to do the harder things?

There are a few key areas to look at when all of this happens.

  1. Do you know exactly what you are trying to achieve?  Be quite clear on the process that you are looking at and how you will know when you have got results.
  2. Set some simple tasks to be done each day and as part of your bigger plan and efforts.  Without fail make sure that these key things are done.  Prospecting is one of them.
  3. If someone asked you the question as to what you do, how would you answer them?  Can you explain in one sentence what you do as a salesperson and professional?  You need that sort of clarity to get momentum and results.
  4. Fear is something that holds most salespeople back.  It can be the fear of the process, the reluctance to do certain difficult things, or the amount of action needed every day to move forward.  Top salespeople deal with fear and reluctance; you will need to do the same.  Small steps in the right direction can help you get started.
  5. Get some resources and simplify your systems so you can take more action every day.  Don’t make things complicated; simplify what you do and take action.
  6. Watch what the successful people in your industry are doing.  Some of their actions and skills can be replicated.

Most of the things that hold us back are self-inflicted.  Take charge of your sales career by working on yourself and your actions.  Quite soon you will be moving ahead again.