Today I come across so many hurdles and excuses in sales teams; it is as though the sales people are looking for reasons to not do something!  Strange don’t you think?

In this market and economy we need more salespeople that are prepared to do the ‘hard stuff’, like making calls to new clients, dropping cards in with prospects, visiting new sites, finding new people to talk to.  Chasing the competitor’s clients is also a good thing to do.

Why does a business or salesperson fail?  Most commonly it is because they have failed to drive market share and new business.  It takes about 3 months to improve your market share and it takes the same amount of time to start losing it.

Over time many clients will move on for their own reasons; for that very reason you cannot run a business that has no growth pipeline.  Growth is the most important factor in running a business today, if only to fill the gaps of people that may be leaving.

So what are the excuses that many business teams use in holding back from doing the most important and difficult things?  Try some of these:

  • A lack of resources is perhaps the most common reason that comes up first.  It is easy to blame someone else.
  • Lack of management support will also hit the top of the list.  Again it seems so easy to blame the management team for lack of action in the sales team.
  • Many salespeople lack a system to their day and they just take things as they happen.  Lack of system means lack of progress.
  • Confidence and fear can hold back many salespeople from taking the right action every day.  If you tell a group of 10 salespeople that they must prospect every day, only 2 on average will do the required task.  Over time those 2 people will be your top performers.
  • In some sales teams there is always a degree of confusion over what the business offers and how it should be marketed.  A common message is required in the sales team and a process of practice is the only way to improve and solidify the message.

In a sales environment today, the message is simple; more business of the right type is required.  Prospecting should be a feature of every business model above all other issues.  The prospecting process should occur first thing every morning across the entire sales team.  In 2 or 3 hours the team can do all of their cold calling and in doing so systemise a growth plan for the business.

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