Create Action Habits to Build Sales Results

Human beings are creatures of habit.  When we are left to our own devices we shape the day into a series of habits that suit us.  Everything that we are today is the result of our application of our habits; everything else that happens to us is just luck.  Given that luck is not all that frequent, the only way you can really progress is through changing your habits.

This process of habit change is easy to say and not easy to do.  That is because we have choices as individuals, and if we do not discipline ourselves we tend to go down the easiest road.

Developing the habit of taking consistent and focused action towards you goals is the way to implement success in anything.  So developing a habit is like training; you have to do it each day.  The more you practice the better you become.

It is best to change your habits before the real pressure is on, because habits under pressure are not as effective as controlled and focused habits.

To make good habits, you must simplify the things that you do.  As you simplify you can be far more effective.  The way to progress here is to think of action as a muscle that you must strengthen each day.  So start your action exercises.