Develop a Sales Mindset

When you work in selling and customer service you must have the right mindset.  This is even more so the case if your income depends on your sales.

Have you ever come across a salesperson that has an obvious problem of client commitment and attention?  You know the type; they only help you if you ask and then they do so without a smile or willing gesture.  You tend to remember these poor sales people and the bad experiences that they have given you.  Do you go back to them?  Do you refer others to them?  Probably not.   If you are like me, you will prefer to stay away; you may even be inclined to spread the word about the poor service and experience.

If you work in sales in any industry it is time to have a good look at the messages you send when you connect with and serve your clients.  The right mindset and attitude are key parts of building your sales results and client database.  Start the day with an ‘attitude boost’.  Look in the bathroom mirror and smile.  Tell yourself that today will be a great day and that you are committed to excellence in sales and service.

So I know we all have ‘bad days’ but don’t let that spread to your customers and clients.  Take steps to improve your attitude and mindset to that of a professional salesperson.  Treat people as you would like to be treated.  Make the experience of doing business with you an absolute pleasure.