Develop More Leads with Customer Centred Prospecting

When it comes to building a customer database and contact system, the best way to do so is through a contact and selling process that is focused entirely on the client.  When you match your offering to the client, the pitch and sale process is a natural progression.  You will get more orders that way.

Most clients hate to be ‘sold’.  They have the experience to know when that is occurring and tend to avoid salespeople that ‘push’.  Top salespeople do not push on the deal; they position and communicate.  They ask the right questions and provide the right answers.  The sales process is actually unique to the client.  They will accept the offering or they will find another salesperson to help them.

At the base of every client relationship, the client likes to have the ability to exercise choice.  If you give them that ability, then the sale is a lot easier.  The reason the client will ‘choose’ you or your company in those circumstances is because they know that you are the ‘right choice’.

To solve this ‘choice’ equation, look at your offering of product or service from the client’s perspective.  Here are some categories to apply:

  1. Product or Service that ideally suits the client
  2. The easiest way to place the order
  3. Timing of the availability and how it will be delivered
  4. Criteria that must be satisfied when the order is placed
  5. Satisfaction from the order to the delivery and after the sale
  6. Measurement of satisfaction will help you with referrals
  7. Ongoing contact and availability

If you want to achieve in your industry and territory, look at these factors and work on them from a client perspective.  Align yourself to the client; the new business leads and sales will then come your way much easier.