Today the average sales person is bombarded with fresh new issues every day.  Some of those issues can be distracting and highly time consuming.  To get anywhere with your efforts in selling and building market share you must protect yourself from things that are irrelevant, or distracting.  In simple terms you must have a sales system to keep your mind and your actions in line with your goals.

Top salespeople know this and the main reason they are successful is that they have a system to work to and they repeat it every day.  Nothing will take them away from their system.

Here are some tips for staying on track with your sales activities.

  1. Understand the 3 things that are most critical to your business and your results.  These will be the things that bring the most results to you.  If you repeat these things every day they should give you a better market share and client momentum.  These things should feature in your diary as priority items.
  2. Stay away from other average salespeople that are not as driven as you are.  Don’t let their lack of attention to detail and poor momentum have impact your business and opportunity.
  3. If someone wants to arrange a meeting with you, make sure that the meeting is important to you and not them.  If the meeting is of little value, then put it off or tell the person that a telephone call will be the best way to deal with the issue at hand.
  4. Watch what the top salespeople in your industry do and how they go about it.  There are some lessons to be learned there that can be of real benefit.
  5. Set real goals that you believe in and then track your progress towards them each day.  For goals to be effective, a great degree of internal focus is required.  How you think impacts what you do.
  6. Exercise once per day for 45 minutes to 1 hour.  This will build mental stamina and help you focus on the things that you have to do and when.
  7. Set a period of time up in your daily diary as the ‘action zone’.  It should be the same time each day and it should be dedicated to the things that matter.  This is your time and nothing can detract from it.  Use this time for developing critical habits that will support the sales and income effort.

For a salesperson, life does not need to be complicated, but it does need to be focused on the right things.  It takes about 3 months of real effort to turn your sales career upward and in the right direction.  Each day can be a further step in the right direction and the rewards can soon come.  Set your compass and take the right path.