How to Succeed in a Sales Career Today

The sales profession is precisely that; it is a profession.  When you understand that fact, you can begin to regard the skills of the trade as very special and something that you should improve on.  You become a specialist in the ‘game’.

It’s a bit like playing golf.  If you want to be the best, you must practice all parts of the game from tee off, moving around the course, handling the water traps and bunkers, and taking it all right down to putting.  Every part of the game is really important.  You are the player, and you know the game.

I have put together some important factors of the sales profession that are fundamental elements of sales performance.  The whole package works well together.  See how you rank.

  1. Believe in yourself at all times.  Sometimes things get a bit overwhelming, and you will then have to make adjustments, but through all of this you are a top person and you take that self-belief into your career.  Integrity and professionalism are all part of what we do, so self-belief integrates well with that.
  2. Deal with your procrastination because there will be plenty of it.  It is the nature of sales as a career that you must do things that are difficult and that other people really do not want to do.  Take on the challenge and move into the difficult tasks with commitment.
  3. Do not overindulge in life’s little pressures.  Many a salesperson has ‘got off the rails’ with personal overindulgence.  Too much of a good thing can take over your life and focus.  Do not let any ‘vices’ take over your personal time.  They will soon reflect in your business day and that will be the start of a downward spiral.
  4. Develop willpower to do just about anything.  That being said, you should develop the willpower to do the ‘right’ things.  It’s a bit like ‘throwing a switch’; you turn on the commitment to do the job no matter how hard it is or how long it takes.
  5. Keep fit mentally and personally.  Every day give yourself time to get out into the world and exercise.  Top performance in sales requires a fast mind and a fit body.  These two factors will take you through the tough times with ease.
  6. Create a day system and a time management system for the things that need to be done every day.  When you have a system of control and focus, you can get things done.
  7. Take some small rewards as you move through the day and week.  All the hard work should give you the ability to have time for yourself.
  8. Do the hard stuff first every day.  This is perhaps the most important item on this list.  Always do the difficult things and get them out of the way.  Make it a part of your diary to spend the first part of the day on the difficult stuff that others hate to do.
  9. Never lose control and show anger.  Anger will get you nowhere.  It will let others see weaknesses in your work pattern.  If you want to be a top salesperson, you cannot show anger.
  10. Control your dialogue and improve it every day with practice.  Some parts of your dialogue are critical to personal sales and performance.  Those parts of your dialogue should be practiced to help you move to the top of your industry.

As logical as these 10 simple rules appear, they do require personal focus to set in place and implement.  It’s up to you; everything that is good and rewarding is like that.  Isn’t it good to be in control?