So many salespeople do not closely track their progress in sales, market share and client interaction.  This is one of the major reasons that they fail to reach the goals that they require.As to what targets you should track really depends on your industry; however some of them are most likely going to be:

  • Gross annual sales
  • Current clients in your database
  • Numbers of prospects
  • $ Sales per client
  • $ Sales per unit sold
  • Marketing costs
  • Time from open to closing of sale
  • Referral business
  • Competitive position and market share (compared to your competitors)
  • Networking frequency with all of your clients

You can add to the list as required, however keep the process simple.  Too many numbers will slow down the real process that you want and that is growth.

All of these numbers must start from a real base or fact; that will be where you are now or where you have been in the last financial year.  These are numeric facts that are proven and real.  Depending on your industry, you will have facts to analyse and determine what growth will be possible for the future.

Not all industries will have the same amount of growth potential because other factors will come into play such as the economy, the market, client sentiment, and competitive position.  The growth factors that you set should be a stretch on personal performance but nevertheless realistic.

A salesperson and sales team that knows where they are heading is a ‘team of choice’ when it comes to performance in companies and corporations today.  Importantly, you and your team should make the right growth choices and then start taking the right actions.

The Biggest Problem

I see so many teams do all the planning and then fail to follow through with the required action; or if they take the required action, old habits soon set in and the new systems are forgotten.

The best way to drive new business and more sales is to set in place a new system of client contact and then keep it moving forward.  In this way you can set new habits and achieve better outcomes than the previous sales and prospecting models used.