Personal Appearance in Sales is Really Important

The personal appearance of sales people today is just as important as it has ever been.  Unfortunately there are huge variances in the way sales people appear.

Those sales people that do not look ‘smart’ are actually destroying their reputation and wallet.  They are not showing the client the respect and professionalism that is required.

Like it or not, and in these days of mobile phones and ‘casual’ business, how you look still matters ‘big time’.  If you are in sales or customer service of any type you cannot avoid the issue.

Most of our customers will judge us on how we look first and foremost.  If you cannot pass that test, you will fail in the client connection.

Here is an example for you of this problem:

We will call this person ‘Max’; the name is false but the situation is real.  Max works in a very competitive sales active office in a capital city.  There are 8 other salespeople in the same office.

Max is aged in his late 20’s and regards himself as a ‘top salesperson’.  Whilst he may be the top performer in his team, he is earning less than 50% of a top operator in his market.

So why is this?

Max has a big attitude of himself, and yet a real appearance problem.  His moderate levels of success give him some ‘ego’ in the market place.  He believes he is the best salesperson in the area and market; whilst that may be partially true in his team, his visual appearance destroys his credibility with any new clients.

From an outsider’s perspective, Max always looks like he ‘fell off a bus’.  His clothes are scruffy, and his personal appearance is unkempt.  He lives a rough life and the customers can see it.

Ask yourself this question.  Why would a client trust their valuable business to someone that cannot even manage themselves?

Max has placed limitations on his income and client base because he sends the wrong signals with his appearance and business style.

Here are some other facts about Max:

  1. Most of the time his desk looks like a ‘bomb site’
  2. The standards of his documentation are poor
  3. His diary and time management processes are terrible
  4. He is late for most appointments
  5. His organisation with business materials in a client’s office are weak

So why is Max somewhat ‘successful’?   He knows a lot of people.  Would those people he knows trust Max to do a deal?  Perhaps, although there are some real limitations when it comes to getting new customers to know and trust him.

New customers cannot help but see him as poorly presented and unorganised; like it or not, Max will not win much new business regardless of how good he thinks he is as a salesperson.  If he is outside of his ‘customer group’ and pitching against a sharply presented competitor, Max comes from a base of significant disadvantage; he created that entire problem for himself.

Will Max change his ways?  Maybe or maybe not, but it’s a hard way to learn.  He is doing himself out of money and sales.  There is a level of maturity in business and Max doesn’t yet know what that is.  He has placed limitations on his professional career.  Pretty dumb, don’t you think?

Focus Your Appearance

If you work in sales or customer service, strive to look your best every working day at all times in the presence of clients and customers.  Send the right message.

Every new meeting with clients and customers should be a top ‘visual’ experience for the client well before you say anything.  Set the scene for a great business relationship.  Show that you respect the client and yourself through a top personal appearance and presentation.  In sales, it is a test that you must ‘pass’ with flying colours.