Sales Excellence – Countering Objections and Providing Solutions

When you have been selling your product or service for some time you will soon see a pattern in responses and objections that you get from your clients and prospects.  Some of those objections will be common to many people and could include:

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Service
  • Suitability
  • Competitors product or service

On average most customers or prospects will have 3 or 4 objections that they will raise as part of considering your offering.  It is the process of sale and negotiation that many clients and customers are experienced with today, and therefore will test the supplier or salesperson.  The client wants to have a gain or win in purchasing the goods or services, or placing the order.  You should record those objections and practice the responses to the most common ones.

Top salespeople expect objections and have a selection of tools and systems to respond to the most common of problems that the client could raise.  Your advantage that you have in your industry is that you can prepare for the common situations that could arise.

Here are some ideas to help you with this all too common event.

  1. Each day as you meet with more clients and customers, list the common objections and problems that you come across.  Take those issues into the sales team meeting each week and practice the teams approach to the challenges.
  2. Objections are moved through or neutralised with questions.  Determine what questions would work for each situation.  Role play those questions within your team to see how each team member would handle the situation.
  3. Tools and research will help you with you counter offer or proposal.  You should have a selection of tools and displays to move the problem forward.
  4. When it comes to selling anything today, you should be testing and measuring all interactions with customers and prospects.  You will soon see what works and what does not.
  5. Personal improvement is a tool of top salespeople.  They know that momentum and skills improvement are the basic facts of improvement when it comes to their sales career.
  6. Most clients will give you 3 or 4 objections as part of considering and placing the order.  Your skills here can help you with orders and conversions.

When it comes to a career in sales, the relationship between the salesperson and the client is not adversarial; it is just connecting and relevant.  Top sales people know how to be relevant in all respects.  It is very hard for a client to ignore the offering of a top salesperson.