Sales Success is Here – Get Comfortable Making More Cold Calls and Stick to It

In business today, the humble telephone remains the most effective way to grow your business.  The telephone allows you to make cold calls and find more clients to connect to; you can do all of this from the comfort of your desk.  That being said, many salespeople will avoid the cold calling process at any and every opportunity.

So why do so many people have a problem with calls to new prospective clients?  Here are some reasons that are common in most industries today.

  1. Lack of organisation
  2. No idea of how to make the process work
  3. Failure to develop a habit of making calls every day
  4. Call reluctance
  5. Not knowing of what to say

So the list will go on and on.  The opportunity that exists here is massive; a good salesperson that can establish an effective call contact process in their market can create massive new business opportunity.  That can then mean better salary or commission depending on how you get paid for results.

So what is the secret to progress here?  The secret to making prospecting and cold calling work for you is to get started today and keep it going.  Do not stop prospecting for any reason; every day you should be prospecting for new clients for at least 2 hours.  This single fact will keep the business coming in and your pipeline growing.

If your industry is tough or slow, go back to the basics and get out amongst your clients and potential targets.  Make prospecting the number one thing that you do every day.  Quite soon you will see things change around for the positive and when that happens do not stop what you are doing, but lift your efforts even higher.  Top salespeople know that everything comes down to them and what they do every day.

Sales Team Success – Use Habits to Build Your Business and Better Market Share

One of the biggest challenges in business and in sales is in breaking old habits.  If we cannot change old habits then we are trapped in the past and nothing will change for us as sales professionals.  Every year the market, the competition, and the customers we work with will change circumstances and buying patterns.  For this very reason, we need to change as salespeople, or improve on our daily efforts.  Redundancy is not far away for those that cannot change their business habits.So why is it so hard to change old habits?  It is quite simple to understand; we have had years of preparation and routine to set habits in place, so when you find that you are in a new market or challenging business situation, the change that you need to implement to adjust your focus is so hard to pull-off.  Most salespeople can’t do it or lose focus quickly and return to their old ways.

This factor of reality can be a good and a bad thing, and here is why:

  • It is good because most of your competitors will find it equally hard and time consuming to change their business plans and habits.
  • It is bad because the effort and focus required by individuals to change their habits and approach business differently can be a difficult task for most.

A process of constant improvement and mindset to support it will usually take you to the top of your market.  It all comes back to our ability to change in the right way and produce the results that the industry and market requires.

Given all of this, here are some tips to help you create change in your business and build some real momentum on a daily basis:

  1. Define what the market or your business needs now by way of change, and determine the habits that are required to deal with that.
  2. A small number of habits are easier to implement than a great number at once.
  3. Pick three new habits from your list of required changes, ensuring that those three habits are the most important in your list.
  4. Organise your day around the three habits.  Without fail these three things have to be done regardless of anything else.  At the start of every business day, the three habits should be implemented before anything else is attempted.
  5. Keep telephone calls and clients away from you at the start of the day so you can get these major and important issues underway.
  6. Track your progress when it comes to these things.  When you track numbers and ratios, you can see when progress is starting and how valuable it is for you.
  7. It takes about 3 weeks to implement the required changes of habits for most salespeople.

Top salespeople in any industry know the value of action and focus.  In reality, habits are precisely that; decide what will take you forward and start taking the required action.  In a few weeks you will be seeing the results that you need.

Setting Sales Targets and Customer KPI’s

So many salespeople do not closely track their progress in sales, market share and client interaction.  This is one of the major reasons that they fail to reach the goals that they require.As to what targets you should track really depends on your industry; however some of them are most likely going to be:

  • Gross annual sales
  • Current clients in your database
  • Numbers of prospects
  • $ Sales per client
  • $ Sales per unit sold
  • Marketing costs
  • Time from open to closing of sale
  • Referral business
  • Competitive position and market share (compared to your competitors)
  • Networking frequency with all of your clients

You can add to the list as required, however keep the process simple.  Too many numbers will slow down the real process that you want and that is growth.

All of these numbers must start from a real base or fact; that will be where you are now or where you have been in the last financial year.  These are numeric facts that are proven and real.  Depending on your industry, you will have facts to analyse and determine what growth will be possible for the future.

Not all industries will have the same amount of growth potential because other factors will come into play such as the economy, the market, client sentiment, and competitive position.  The growth factors that you set should be a stretch on personal performance but nevertheless realistic.

A salesperson and sales team that knows where they are heading is a ‘team of choice’ when it comes to performance in companies and corporations today.  Importantly, you and your team should make the right growth choices and then start taking the right actions.

The Biggest Problem

I see so many teams do all the planning and then fail to follow through with the required action; or if they take the required action, old habits soon set in and the new systems are forgotten.

The best way to drive new business and more sales is to set in place a new system of client contact and then keep it moving forward.  In this way you can set new habits and achieve better outcomes than the previous sales and prospecting models used.