Approach Your Day with a Sales Plan

In professional selling, the day that you have before you is the most important.  With the 12 hours you have ahead of you, every minute should be optimised for the actions that will bring you the best results.

Top salespeople do not waste a minute, an hour or a day.  They work to a plan and understand what should happen to help them build market share and sales opportunities.  They then start the process and they control it to the very end.  Yes, I know that some things will always happen that will upset the process and some of the actions that were planned, but most of the time the top salesperson got the right things done as part of their day plan; they knew that they were in control and they did not give that control to anyone else.

If you are a professional salesperson, the same rules should apply to you.  Here are some questions and concepts to consider:

  • How will you focus your energy all day to get the job done at a high level?
  • What do you need to practice that will have great benefit on the results?
  • What barriers will you strike and how will you handle them?
  • How will you stay focused and ‘cool’ under pressure?
  • What thoughts and actions will help you rise to the challenge?
  • What are your goals to focus on and how are you doing that?

Have you ever noticed how top golfers approach their game?  They practice for hours before the game, and then they approach the game with a sequence of focus.  Every shot that they take is a planned event.  They size up the shot, stand behind the ball and visualise the ‘drive’ and the ‘direction’.  They are prepared for performance.

The same logic applies to professional salespeople.  Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Plan the events of the day.
  2. Start every day with focus and practice before you get to your office or sales territory.
  3. Understand the key issues that will take you to the top of the ‘sales’ game.
  4. Every telephone call, meeting, proposal, presentation, and negotiation should be well crafted.

It is surprising just how many salespeople do not focus and practice their skills.  That is an amazing opportunity for those that are prepared to do so.