Proven Ways to Jump-start Your Career in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If you are starting a career in commercial real estate brokerage, then it is absolutely critical that you develop a personal marketing plan and skill development strategy at the earliest stages of your new job and career.

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You will come across many different and challenging characters as part of your business activities; preparation is the key to the process of improvement over time.

The professional skills and systems that you develop will take you through the challenges of the industry effectively and directly.  Practice is also a good thing to build into your business day.


The facts

Some clients are better than others, and some properties are better than others. You will also come across some very special properties with unique challenges from an investment or marketing perspective. Preparation is the key to progress. Your skills and your local area knowledge will need to be improved over time as the property market changes and shifts given economic sentiment and business activity.

To a great degree, many brokers and agents learn on the job, that is given the factors of property ownership, marketing, and investment that are unique to the location. That being said, professional skills and local area knowledge will always need to be improved over time at a personal level.

So you need a few strategies to kick-start your career and keep it on track towards the best possible results available. Set the rules and the strategies for yourself professionally. You can control your time and your focus. Don’t let others do that for you.


Specific strategies

So you need some specific strategies and actions to jump-start your career as a broker or an agent. You will need to work through the challenges of the location, the competition, and the available listings. Local area research will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the location from a property and client perspective, thereby giving you some ideas and some strategies to work with.


Proven ideas

Here are some proven and direct strategies to help you jump-start your career and shape it over time:


  1. Establish a personal marketing campaign – most of the business that you generate over time will come from your personal marketing processes. Fortunately, we have many different marketing tools available at our disposal today. Look at the ways in which you can promote yourself directly and indirectly to your targeted segments and the property owners in your location. Understand exactly who the decision makers and business owners are for the location. Make a direct approach and merge those people into your personal marketing initiatives.
  2. Specialize in a property type and location – set a specific zone of focus as your primary zone of business generation and prospecting. Use the geographical boundaries and the main roads to contain your primary prospecting territory. Inside that zone you should have at least 2000 or 3000 properties to work on and with. Over time you will get to know all of the property owners and all of the business proprietors in that precinct. That is why location specific prospecting is so important in our industry as is the number of 2000 to 3000 properties. Don’t spread yourself too far; better results come from location based prospecting. As part of that territory focus, choose the property types that offer the best opportunity in sales and leasing activity over time. From that point on-wards, match and monitor the factors of supply and demand in that segment and that territory.
  3. Start prospecting immediately – start connecting with new people in your location as soon as possible. The processes of prospecting are varied and can be shaped to your skills and location. Don’t take too long to establish your prospecting model; refine the results that you achieve in talking to new people locally. Over time you will soon understand the elements of prospecting that work for you and give you the better outcomes in both listing activity and client connections.
  4. Improve your presentation strategies through practice – most property presentations today are competitive by nature. There will very likely be a few agents chasing the same client for their property listing. Your presentation needs to be of the highest quality and most relevant to the client situation. That requirement takes care and consideration. Practice your listing presentations and client communication strategies. Role play the dialogues that you use given the variety of property situations for the location and the property types. Preparation and practice will always help you convert listings at a greater level. The same can be said for inspections and negotiation in both sales and leasing situations.
  5. Talk to new people and build strong client relationships – your database should be at the centre of your real estate business. Every day and each week you should be loading new people into that database after you have qualified them for potential property interest and activity over time. When you know you have connected with the right people, the investors, or the business owners, take the time to build strong and valuable relationships at a professional level in commercial real estate today. Local area information will always help you do that.

The five facts mentioned are simple and yet so important to the momentum you require in your commercial real estate career.