Harness the Power of Technology in Your Sales Team

Today we are seeing the ever increasing influence on technology as it applies to the role of a salesperson.  It makes sense to integrate some technology tools into your sales processes and client interaction.  The traditional ways of networking and prospecting still apply, but we have another layer of tools and systems to utilize.

It should be said that the use of technology is now very much a personal process for the sales person.  In only that way can you get the required focus and also the personality into the connection with your market and clients.

So what tools do we have to use?  Here are some of the bigger and more common ones that are (or should be) used in business and sales teams today:

  • Database software has been around for some time, however today most of the databases are stored and accessed on the internet.  That is a wise process and will protect you in times of computer crash or network damage.
  • Email newsletters are a direct contact tool that is integrated with your database.  The question always arises as to just how many newsletters you should send.  It depends on your industry, but at least monthly is the answer.  You can create a weekly newsletter if you have something of importance to say.  The client should see value in the newsletter so don’t fill it with low value content.  Make sure you have the clients consent to be on your database and email newsletter.
  • Auto responders are a great way to streamline your newsletter despatch.  It is in fact a newsletter on automatic settings and it will remove the pressure from you as other things arise.
  • Websites have been with us for years.  The fact of the matter is that you can now get a website running in just a matter of hours and for almost (and in some cases) zero cost.
  • Blogs will help you show your experience to the market, as well as spread your personal profile across the internet.  A good blog writer will post daily information about their product or service.  The search engines soon see that information and start to follow you for relevance and information.
  • Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all regarded as great business tools.  You can cross link them to your Blog and Website activity.  They help you spread your experience across your contact base of clients and prospects.  The key to the process is in providing regular and relevant information.  Do not let bias and negative personality problems enter the system.  You are a business person and that profile should be encouraged at every opportunity.

Choose the right technology and take action with it every day.  Merge the traditional methods of client contact with the newer ones.  Don’t get left behind in the race to capture the client.