Sales Urgency – No Time to Lose

Every year the actions that we take in sales should be carefully planned and actioned. We have no time to lose when it comes to building the business, the market share, and the customer base.

In any period of 12 months it is likely that we have only 10 months of ‘action’ time where we can effectively reach out to the customers and prospects that we serve. The 2 months ‘downtime’ is usually the result of business issues, holidays, seasonal changes in the market, and economic conditions. There are always new clients in the market to find.

When I hear a salesperson say ‘The market is quiet and nothing is happening’, I know that I am looking at a salesperson that is looking for excuses. Top salespeople do not make excuses, knowing that there are only actions in this world of results.

There are 3 types of salespeople in the world. Try these:

  1. There are those that watch the business go around and other salespeople do the deals. They take no risks. They are happy to ‘help out’ but will not drive market share or new business. When things go quiet, they go quiet.
  2. There are those that conform and act by following the action of the masses. They know that the ‘status quo’ works (somewhat) and they stay in their comfort zone during the majority of their career. They take few risks they generate ‘ordinary’ levels of business.
  3. There are those that set their own market and business directions. They watch what is going on and then they start a strategy of action to a plan of focus. They drive exceptional new business and the best client relationships. They have a growth focus.

Many salespeople like to believe that they are in the third group of achievers, however the reality is they are not. Self belief is a good and a bad thing; it can hold you back from achieving and can even divert your actions. Everyone can improve their efforts and focus when it comes to business growth and sales. Importantly a plan and a system of action can improve things substantially.

Step to the front of your market understanding that their are only a few top performers there at the moment. Become ‘one of the few’ and drive massive market share. Every day take strong actions to contact more people and build relationships. Practice your skills so your business conversions improve.

There is only a small difference between ‘ordinary’ and ‘excellent’.  Take those further efforts in your business and your client connections.