Tips to Improve Your Weekly Sales Meeting

In any sales office the regular sales meeting can be a weekly frustration for many.  To solve the problem it is wise to set some rules and practical processes.

Here are some of the most common problems with poorly planned sales meetings:

  • No set agenda
  • The team leader loses control and let’s emotion drive the facts discussed
  • The person running the meeting is inexperienced in doing so
  • The topic of the meeting gets off the key facts
  • Lack of direction on topics and decisions
  • People don’t want to contribute for a variety of reasons
  • The process of tracking from the previous meeting is poor
  • The meeting goes for far too long (most meetings should be over in 90 minutes maximum)
  • The feedback from all of the team in the meeting is not accepted in a positive and business like way
  • Lack of respect is shown by the team leader to the meeting process and the comments of others
  • Issues are discussed in the meeting that should be raised individually and privately

So there are many things here that can be real problems and hurdles in a sales team meeting.  For a sales team to be of the highest quality in performance and cooperation, the weekly team meeting should be carefully considered and structured.

Personally I like to see sales meetings over in one hour.  If any other meetings are required on special issues then set them at other times.  Most adults have an attention span of up to two hours, and in most cases the attention starts to lapse after one hour.  If you want your sales team to cooperate and contribute in meetings, keep the meetings short, and to an agenda that is meaningful.

Every person coming to the meeting should have a copy of the agenda and they should bring the required information to discuss key issues.  Lack of professionalism cannot be tolerated in a top performing team.  Everyone must be accountable for contributing as agreed in the meeting.