Salespeople – Get Results in Time Management

In business today a salesperson just has to be effective.  That includes a number of things such as getting to your clients and current sales or orders every day, building market share, and finding new business.  Time therefore becomes a precious factor in the average working day for a salesperson.

Here is an observation for you.

‘Your day will fill itself up with things for you to do’.

It is a known fact that many things will happen each day that you do not expect.  Your day will therefore become complex and demanding.  As salespeople we have to build our day to some system.  In only this way will you get some results on the things that really matter.

On average, at least 33% of your working day should be controlled to the point that nothing will take over and interfere with that segment of the day.  You can then do the key things every day that are essential for you to grow your business.  In most cases with salespeople, that will be the key task of prospecting.

When you have done all your prospecting for the day, you can talk to other people and do other things that are important but not essential to your income and market share.  Don’t let life’s pressures take over your day entirely.  If you can control some of your day with essential activities you will feel that you are starting to get somewhere.

When you feel that you are in ‘control’ the business around you, your efforts will be easier to direct and results are easier to achieve.  ‘Out of control’ salespeople are a waste of time for the business and themselves.  Develop your system of control and exercise it every day.

Punctuality in Professional Selling Today

When it comes to business and sales today, punctuality is an important part of customer contact and customer service.  Punctuality relates not just to the times of any meetings that are established, but also to the provision of services and products.  If something is to be delivered on time then such should be the case.  The same principle applies when it comes to undertaking repairs or replacements.  Lack of punctuality reflects on the salesperson.

A salesperson must be punctual in every sense of the word.  If the client or prospect sets aside time to meet with you, then you need to respect the arrangement and be available at the set time.  Wherever possible, you should be at the client’s office at least 10 minutes early.  That will then allow you to quietly prepare your thinking and presentational issues ready for the discussion or meeting with the client.

Punctuality allows you to prepare, think, and plan.  A client can soon see if you are disorganised or disturbed due to this organization, excessive workload, or late appointments.  The best salespeople are highly organised and will work to a strict diary regime.

Here are some rules that can apply to the punctuality process.

  1. Develop a basic to a plan that you stick to wherever possible.  Half of your day should be devoted to client connections and prospecting, the other half of the day should be devoted to client service and follow through.
  2. With advances in technology, there is no excuse for confusion when it comes to diaries and appointments.  A computer diary will keep you organized for months in advance.  A written diary will help you organise the particular day as you move through it.
  3. Contact the client the day before any appointment to confirm your times with them and their availability.
  4. After the meeting, follow through with any information and other detail that has been promised.

Top salespeople make sure that they are on time every time.  They protect their professional brand and service in this way.  Whilst these are simple things, they have a massive impact on the way the client sees us and how we provide our professional skills.