Think Like a Sales Champion and Win More Business

A sales champion has a definite mindset that separates them from everyone else.  The mindset helps them with the focus and the action to keep moving ahead to their plan.  They know what they want and they take steps towards that every day.

You could say that sales champions on average make up only some 10% of those people in sales teams in most industries.  That leaves a staggering 90% of salespeople as quite ordinary.

Business leaders and Sales Managers would love to have more high achievers.  The fact of the matter is that sales performance is a personal thing.  You can train people to rise to the occasion, but in doing so you must help them with the altered mindset for the task and give them the routine to change old and ordinary habits.

The good news is that you can do all of this yourself; it just takes focus and effort for about 5 weeks.  After that time things should be different and your market share should have improved.

Here are some tips to help you rise to the pinnacle of your industry and market:

  1. Understand what you are good at and feature that in your client connection processes.
  2. Improve your prospecting at every opportunity.  It is a personal process and skill.  Understand that decisions are made at the top level of business.  That is where you should set your prospecting sights.
  3. Build a database of contacts that you can strengthen relationships with over time.
  4. Know why your product or service will be of help to your prospects.  Define the benefits comprehensively for your industry.
  5. Define your target market physically and geographically.  You cannot be a top salesperson over a big area.
  6. Understand and optimise any seasonal pressures that apply to your product or service sales.  You will likely have a time of year where results can be optimised.
  7. How will your product or service benefit your target prospects?  Can you quantify that in profits or results?
  8. Put yourself in the client’s chair.  Think about your product or service from their angle.  What result are they looking for and can you match that requirement?

To be a champion in sales, you simply need to be the best solution and sell yourself around that.  Understand that most other salespeople in your industry are quite ordinary.  That is an amazing opportunity for you to build on.