Time Management Tips for Sales Teams Today

When it comes to sales team effectiveness and your results, your time is the most important resource that you have available.  It sounds so simple and yet so many salespeople waste time.  In an average group of 10 salespeople, only a few would have time optimised for the tasks at hand.  It is common to see 50% of the working day being wasted.

If your salary or your commission is based on performance and outcomes, you simply cannot avoid the time management rules and controls.  Everything that you do every day should be well considered.

Here are some rules to help you get your business and your activities under control:

  1. Set some goals for yourself.  In this way you will know where you are headed and why.  Make sure those goals are based on specific outcomes and time.  Each week you can track your processes and adjust where necessary.
  2. Identify the 3 things that are critical to your business growth.  Those things should be done every day to allow you to improve your market share and client outcomes.
  3. Control your telephone both in the office and on mobile.  When people ring you they put other tasks and focus into your day.  Preserve a period of 3 hours each day where you get key things done.  During that time the message bank on your telephone can take messages.
  4. Tidy up your desk, car, and briefcase.  Nothing is more off-putting than a desk area that is out of control.  If you see the clutter you will feel that you are getting nowhere fast.
  5. Use a written diary to control your time in manageable chunks.  Work in chunks of 2 hours.  In this way you will get 4 or 5 things done each day.
  6. Use a system to get the basics and everyday things under control.  This will normally be a computer and a database.  Record the important things and get back to them later.
  7. Set priorities in your business and for you personally.  Some things are more important than others and you are the best person to know what the priorities are.
  8. Audit your use of time so you can identify the weaknesses and remove them.
  9. Do the hard and difficult things done each day first up.  In this way those issues are likely to be done.  It is a known fact that most business people put the hard things off and wait until the very last minute to do the job.
  10. Exercise each day to give yourself some personal time.  This will help you feel less stressed and remove some pressure from your life.

We tend to forget that we are the ones that are (or should be) in control.  Seek to get yourself under control and optimise your business outcomes.  These rules will help you do that.