In a given business year it is common that sales will slow or decline in value.  It varies from market to market and location to location.  That being said you can and should do something about it.

There is absolutely no way that you should accept a slow market or a decline in business.  A good salesperson will get out into their patch and drive more relationships.  New relationships are the key to business growth and stability.

Here are some facts for you:

  • There are always opportunities to find as long as you try, and as part of that you develop a system of coverage in your market.
  • Sales success is driven from the relationships that you build, not the numbers of people that you talk to
  • Develop a mindset to support your efforts; how you think does have an impact on the outcomes that you get.
  • Make it a process of prospecting every day in your business.  Two hours should be sufficient, although more is a good thing.
  • Build relationships with relevance and skill.  The people that you contact need to see that you really are a specialist in what you do.  Show them how great you are.  Work on being better.

So the message here is clear, when the market and your clients are not feeding you with the required orders or opportunities, take a look at what you are doing, and start to tune it to the end result you require.  Most declines in business are not generated from the market, but by the individual and their lack of adjustment to what is going on.  Look for the changes and shift your client focus and contact process.