Lead Generation Tips Using Online Marketing

commercial real estate podcast by John Highman

Where are you today in your property activities and your commissions?   Can things improve? If you are like most people in commercial real estate, there are always some more promotional strategies that you can develop and solutions that you can provide to your targeted client base.   So let’s look at some personal improvement initiatives and some marketing strategies to help you boost your business locally.

There are some reasons that you could be struggling in commercial real estate brokerage today.  A big reason for many agents and brokers struggling is usually the lack of an online presence when it comes to professional skills and property speciality. They are simply ‘not known’ when it comes to the local area and the property speciality.

The people of the marketplace (your clients) sometimes don’t know of certain individuals when it comes to solving their property challenge. The top agents of the market are remembered and that is the key to their success. So you need to do more with that promotional strategy online for yourself as a broker or an agent in your location.

Specialise This Way

When you specialise in a property type, it is wise to spread some ideas and some strategies across the online channels of social media and the blogging platforms to show the world that you really understand what you’re doing and what you’re talking about when it comes to local property activity in your town or city.  of course there are many things that you can talk about when it comes to your location given sales, leasing, and property management activity. There are things to talk about when it comes to your successes in the industry and the property market changes for your location.

In this podcast, we share some ideas relating to your personal profile and how it can be promoted across your property market and your client base. You can learn how to grow your online brand and also your online activities as an industry specialist for commercial real estate locally.

Bring Your Promotional Ideas Together

Take these ideas and merge them into your real estate promotional activities every day, so that the consistent message regards your skills and relevance to the property market is well understood and optimised.

Help your prospects and clients that you work with remember you as the industry specialist that you are or want to be in your location. The core message here is for you to spread the word about your expertise, your availability, and your property speciality. You want people to remember you at the right time in the right way with the right property types.  These are specifically online marketing strategies for commercial real estate brokerage.