Staging a Sales Pitch for a Top Commercial Property

When it comes to pitching for a high quality commercial real estate listing, the whole process has to be well considered and staged.  There are plenty of competitors that are likely to be chasing the same property.  Only the top agent that shows property market relevance will win.

  1. Define the property and its strengths in today’s market.  Help the client see that you really understand the facts of the property and how to sell it.  Many properties will have advantages that can be integrated into the marketing campaign.
  2. State your understanding of the client’s requirements and points of focus.  Many clients have specific outcomes that they require; that may be in price, timing, and investment results, method of sale, or inspection and marketing strategies.  Help the client see that you fully understand what they need to achieve in the property market today.
  3. Talk about the current property market and the competing listings.  Many clients don’t really understand what is going on locally with property.  When they can see the competing listings and the prices that are being set, your job gets a bit easier.
  4. Link the property to a segment of the market as you see it.  The target market that you focus on will have an impact on the marketing campaign.  It may also have an impact on the timing a method of sale. Choose your facts wisely.
  5. Provide a definite method of sale for the property and the reasons behind your recommendations.  Some properties are only suited to a particular method of sale.  Understand what works for the property type and make recommendations accordingly.
  6. Match your marketing recommendations to the method of sale and the target market.
  7. Show the client some successful samples of marketing for properties in the same category and location.  Many clients like to hear stories of others that have worked through property problems and challenges.  Keep a set of stories and supporting marketing material for that very reason.
  8. Ask for the business and provide a time line of action so the client can see exactly what will be done for them.  As strange as it may seem, many clients do not know what is required to market and sell their property.  Your timeline can show them the process and the parts that are really important to momentum.

The sales pitch process for a listing in commercial real estate does not need to be difficult.  Set some rules and systems similar to those above.  Your conversions will then get a lot easier.

By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.