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Why You Should Prioritize Followups with Clients

In commercial real estate brokerage, you must prioritise your connections with people and activate the follow-up activity or plan. In that way, you are more effective when it comes to your use of time and your creation of new business opportunities. Your time is your most valuable resource so use it well.

How can you do this? In your database or spreadsheet, ensure that you categorise the people that you are talking regularly. Know the real estate status of your prospects and clients and track their property challenges. Conversations lead to that.

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Time management is a key resource for commercial real estate agents that should be optimised.

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Right People and Right Properties

A simple indexing process will allow you to work on the right properties and the right people in the best ways possible. Simple conversations always will enable you to move on the opportunities at the right time. You can prioritise people by:

  • Timing
  • Location
  • Value
  • Property type
  • Activity
  • Portfolio

Take notes when it comes to current conversations and previous discussions. A simple question or comment will allow you to take an active matter further into a listing or transaction in a timely way.

What is the concern here? Understand that you will be talking to a lot of people regularly, and on that basis, your conversational notes are the only way to track and measure opportunities.

Primacy in Canvassing

So this process of prioritising things becomes a primacy in your canvassing activities at the beginning of every day. You simply go to your list, and decide what actions are more important than others and particularly the conversations that you have had previously with critical people. Your feedback channels are so important in our business.

You make those telephone calls or create those conversations at the beginning of your day before you get into other cold calling and canvassing activities. Attention to detail is a crucial element of canvassing activity.

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Set some valuable systems and procedures in commercial and retail property management today. Improve your service to clients, tenants, and landlords.

The Days Averages

Each day you can on average have perhaps 5 to 10 current conversational matters to follow up. That is how you build your real estate business with relevance surrounding real estate client concerns, challenges, and critical facts.

  1. The follow-up process is critical to progress in commercial real estate, and on that basis, you can lift your conversions and grow your real estate opportunities faster. Given that you will be talking to a lot of people in an ongoing and constant way, the tracking process will help you tap into the right people and lift your conversions.
  2. From every connection or conversation, ensure that you take another follow-up step with an email, a letter, or a text message as appropriate. Most agents don’t do this, and on that basis, you can stand out as the agent of choice and the thoroughly professional broker in the location.
  3. As you go further into this process, you can split your connections and conversations up into property types, locations, value, and timeliness. From that activity, you will know who to focus on and why.

So the message here for you to work with is that of following things up professionally. Be available at the right time and in the right way for the people you consider as clients or VIPs in your real estate business.

Build a top of mind awareness with these clients in their property situation. Provide unique and exclusive solutions that they can understand and appreciate you as being relevant and profoundly practical for their property challenge.

By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.