How to Win the Listing Battle in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Some agents may think that the need for listings is an uphill battle that never seems to go away.  In part they are correct but the uphill battle gets easier when you follow the rules.

Confidence and systemisation are the key factors that help agents and brokers solve the pressure on finding and converting listings.  In essence you must show all the people in the property market that you are the best agent in the area and with the property type.  If you cannot do that now, then it is time to change a few things.

Here are some ideas to help you solve the listing battle and grow market share with real momentum:

  1. Relevance – It is a fact that relevance is the overriding concern that clients have when choosing an agent. The clients in today’s property market ultimately know that reaching out for buyers and tenants is not an experiment in property marketing, and real skills are required by top agents.  The client will choose the best agent for the job.  How do rank on the relevance scale?  Why are you better than other agents and brokers?  What can you do that will drive a top price or rent and better levels of enquiry to the listing?  When you know the answers you have the foundation for converting more listings in your presentations.
  2. Pitch and present – Make your listing presentation meaningful and natural. Remove the hype and keep everything on a confident and natural basis.  Remember that you are connecting with a person with property pressures; that person must be comfortable with your skills and property knowledge in ways that can resolve their property pain quickly and effectively at the best price or rent.
  3. Control your listing stock – When you list a property, control it through exclusivity. Any and all quality properties you list should be controlled in this way.  Show the client exactly how you will comprehensively service their property if you are given an exclusive appointment.  Work with up to 20 exclusive listings at any one time and in doing so, keep all your clients completely briefed on inspections, marketing efforts, and property enquiry.  Information will always help in conditioning the clients to the market conditions.
  4. Market listings comprehensively – Make every exclusive listing the subject of a high quality vendor funded marketing campaign. Stage the campaign so it reaches out to the targeted segments of buyers or tenants, in ways that build inspection momentum.
  5. Encourage offers – When you have offers coming in from inspections, you have the start of the client conditioning and deal negotiation processes. Always get your offers in writing and support all offers with fully factual qualification of the parties, understanding that they can act in finalizing the contract or lease as intended.


To win the listing battle it is a matter of organising yourself to be highly committed to talking to lots of people in a regular and ongoing way.  If you like it is a bit like disciplining yourself to undertake the commercial real estate business within a set of rules and guidelines.  Get involved with your clients and your listings.

By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.